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Trauma-Informed Pediatric Care And How It Protects Your Children

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Most of us will experience potentially traumatic events throughout our lifetimes. When these things happen when we’re young, they can leave us with severe mental scars that last a lifetime. Kids who have gone through traumatic experiences must have a support network that understands how to assist them. By including data from the Center for Pediatric Traumatic Stress in its care guidelines, Advanced Pediatrics of Rockland works to meet the needs of its patients.

How Trauma-Informed Pediatric Care Protects Your Child

To better comprehend how traumatic events affect children in a healthcare environment, the Center for Pediatric Traumatic Stress was established 20 years ago. As their knowledge of pediatric stress increased, they created resources that gave medical professionals the tools they needed to use in their everyday practice. Workbooks and advice booklets are available to parents and kids in the healthcare environment.

Using a multidisciplinary strategy is one aspect of trauma-informed pediatric care that is emphasized. The word “multidisciplinary” refers to including professionals with various specialties and backgrounds in the treatment process. It’s crucial to understand that “trauma” is not strictly defined but highly subjective and experiential. Examples of situations that could cause stress include:

  • Being given an injection can be highly stressful and anxiety-provoking because of the syringe.
  • Fighting a fatal illness like cancer or being near someone who is.
  • Surviving an accident of any seriousness, but particularly one that is terrible or catastrophic.
  • Residing in a hostile or uncaring atmosphere.

The instruction of doctors by a Center for Pediatric Stress member facilitates the provision of trauma-informed pediatric care education. Online resources are also accessible for the one-on-one instruction that practitioners receive and the classroom instruction so we can keep our dentists up to date on the most recent techniques. This education is crucial because it can be challenging to recognize trauma in toddlers.

Children may find it difficult to express their emotions or repress them out of dread or embarrassment, contributing to this. Symptoms to look for include:

  • unusual anger outbursts or aggressive conduct
  • becoming reclusive
  • sudden loss of enthusiasm in long-time pastimes
  • changes in sleeping habits
  • sudden shifts in food choices, an increase or decline in appetite, and other dietary changes.

It’s critical to start getting your kid medical attention as soon as you notice symptoms like these. Even though there are many possible causes for some of these symptoms, it is essential to consider whether stress may be the cause.

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It can be challenging to see our kids successfully through to adulthood. We have a responsibility as pediatric healthcare professionals to support parents as they navigate their child’s formative years. Through the use of pediatric trauma-informed care, we are better able to fight for your child’s health. We’re doing it right when we can make a child feel at ease while they receive medical treatment as part of a joyful or inspiring experience. Call (949) 362-9860 to immediately make an appointment at our Aliso Viejo, California, office! Your child’s oral and general health are our primary concerns.

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