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Our Approach To Supporting Children with Special Needs

Special Needs Dental

Dental visits can be daunting for kids and parents alike, and children with special needs may face unique challenges that affect their oral health. As pediatric dentists, we are better equipped to address these unique concerns and provide tailored dental care. We are experienced in handling cases requiring a more gentle, understanding environment. Good care from a pediatric dentist involves treating existing dental problems and providing an environment where special needs children can experience better oral health in the long run. 

Our Approach To Supporting Children with Special Needs

Children with disabilities or special needs often require a specific approach to their dental care due to their health circumstances. Certain conditions or medications can lead to dental issues; many special needs children have specific dental requirements. Many special needs children face specific oral health challenges, including: 

  • Malformed or Extra Teeth: Certain genetic disorders such as Down’s syndrome can lead to malformed or extra teeth, causing problems caring for their teeth. 
  • Delayed Tooth Eruption: Some genetic disorders may cause specific delays in tooth eruption for two years. 
  • Crowding and Poor Alignment: Tooth crowding and poor alignment are also common in children with special needs, making them susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease. 
  • Impaired Immune System Response: Some children with special needs experience weakened immune systems, making it more difficult to fight off bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease. 
  • Teeth Grinding: Children with severe intellectual disabilities or conditions such as cerebral palsy may grind their teeth habitually, causing their teeth to break and flatten over time. 
  • Medication Side Effects: Some medications provided for special needs children may contain sugars that contribute to cavities or have side effects such as dry mouth. 

Pediatric dentists specialize in treating children with special needs, offering preventative measures that ensure a safe, positive dental experience. If you’re searching for a pediatric dentist to care for your child’s special needs, contact the Special Care Dentistry Association or your local dentist society for specific recommendations. 

Finding a dentist to accommodate your child’s needs can be challenging, but at OC Kids Dental, we can provide dental care that ensures a comforting, stress-free environment. Some of the options that can be provided for children with special needs include: 

  • Desensitization Practice Visits: These practice visits can help your child familiarize themselves with our environment, staff, and dental procedures, helping them establish routine and comfort. 
  • Attentive, Supportive Dental Care: We strive to work with a compassionate and understanding approach for every child that comes through our office, and we’re able to adapt our practices to suit your child’s comfort levels and capabilities to keep their teeth clean and healthy. 
  • Sedation Options For Treatment: When necessary or recommended by parents, we can also provide safe, professionally supervised sedation options to ensure your child’s comfort and safety. 
  • Enhanced Equipment: We provide a well-equipped office that helps provide effective dental care for children who require additional support. 

Come See The Team At OC Kids Dental

At OC Kids Dental, our team is well prepared to help your child experience the best oral health in a stress-free environment and help them form a positive relationship with their dental care. To learn more about our services, contact our team in Aliso Viejo, CA, by calling (949) 362-9860 to speak with Dr. Cima Atabaki today.

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