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Office News/Articles

Office News/Articles

5 Strategies that Prevent Most Misbehavior

So what can you do when your child acts out, whether he’s a toddler or a teen?  Here are the five best strategies for preventing misbehavior, for all age kids…” Read More

 When Kids Simply Won’t Cooperate

“Children are not, by nature, uncooperative, even when they don’t agree with our agenda. Children WANT to succeed at what we ask, because the connection with us is the most important thing in their lives– it ensures their survival… Why, then, are there times when they just won’t cooperate?..” Read More

Teething Help in a Flash

“Nothing is sadder than a cranky and clingy baby with no apparent explanation.  Parents frantically go through their list: clean diaper, fed, not too hot, not too cold, not too bright, not too dark, too quiet, too loud…and come up blank. So, what is it?  Probably nothing!  But…could it be teething?…” Read More