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How Dental Lasers Can Help With Severe Dental Anxiety

Child With Sensitive Teeth

All over the world, countless people suffer from one degree of dental anxiety or another. Dental anxiety, also known as dental phobia, does not respect age, gender, or class. The degree to which this anxiety impacts their lives varies from patient to patient. In some cases, it’s a mild feeling of unease as it comes time to see the dentist. Others can become panicked at the mere mention of dental matters, let alone a visit to the office itself. The traditional rotary drill and its high-pitched whine are one of the most commonly cited triggers of dental anxiety by sufferers.

How Dental Lasers Are Changing The Dental Experience

Let’s be honest; no one considers the piercing whine of a rotary drill a siren song that calls them to the dental office. It’s probably cited as the least favorite part of visiting a clinic. This is true for both dental anxiety sufferers and other patients. The introduction of the dental laser has gone a long way towards reducing the racket during oral health care visits. Unlike the high-pitched sound of the rotary drill, the dental laser produces a soft pulsing that many patients have reported being soothing.  

Even those with dental anxiety report a calmer experience, thanks to dental lasers. This is just one of the ways that dental lasers benefit your dental experience. They also facilitate the following elements:

  • Precision Dentistry – Rotary drills can certainly complete a broad range of dental jobs. However, they aren’t really a precision tool. With the introduction of the dental laser, your dentist can perform dentistry with a new level of precision and control. Eliminating areas of decay and necrotic tissue requires the removal of less healthy tissue.
  • Fast Recovery Times – The imprecise nature of rotary drills made damaging adjacent healthy tissue difficult to avoid. This destruction, in turn, made recovery times from procedures longer than necessary. Dental laser drills reduce recovery times by being more precise and cauterizing the site, speeding recovery.
  • Reduced Discomfort – The dental experience becomes more pleasant with the removal of the whining drill. Further, there’s no vibration with a dental laser. The procedure is completed nearly painlessly and without aggravating nearby areas. Most patients are able to undergo treatment without the need for an anesthetic.
  • Shortened Procedure Times – Another critical benefit of dental lasers is the reduction in time needed to perform a procedure. There’s rarely a need for stitches when a dental laser is used, and reduced need for anesthetic and the associated recovery times. Even the procedure itself is completed quicker and cleaner. This all amounts to less time between the appointment and the rest of the patient’s day.

Talk To Your Dentist About Laser Dentistry

Ask your dentist if laser dentistry is available at their clinic and how they make use of it. You may discover that it’s finally time for that procedure you’ve been putting off. Reach out to your dentist today and learn how laser dentistry can help you!

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