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How Can I Help My Child When Their Two-Year Molars Erupt?

Two Year Old Child Getting Molar Checkup

Your two-year-old might exhibit a brief increase in moodiness. Oh, this is just the terrible twos, you start to think. Did you know that the eruption of your toddler’s second teeth may affect their behavior? They can also be more challenging to handle than usual after their teeth begin to erupt.

What Can You Do For Your Child When Their Molars Start Growing?

The final set of teeth in the rear of the mouth is the second molar, or two-year molar. When your child is between 23 and 33 months old, they usually burst forth. Even the happiest child may grow agitated throughout this procedure since it can be unpleasant. It’s possible that your kid won’t be able to express what’s hurting him. Here are a few typical signs to watch out for:

  • Maybe your kid is drooling more than usual.
  • They might act particularly agitated.
  • Your kid may be biting on their fingers, clothes, or toys.
  • They could maintain a low-grade temperature of around 99 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If you can, have a peek since the eruption zone has red gums.
  • disturbed sleep
  • The symptoms above might all get worse at night.

Along with physical signs, it’s not unusual to see your toddler’s mood alter as they battle with their molars coming in. Even the happiest child may grow agitated and grumpy throughout this procedure since it can be unpleasant and uncomfortable. The use of medication for two-year-old molar discomfort should be a last resort. The good news is that your child can find relief when their molars erupt, thanks to various proven treatments. Gum-cutting discomfort can be relieved by anything cool. Let your youngster chew on a damp towel chilled in the freezer to massage their gums. Apply a cold, moist piece of gauze or rub it with a cold spoon to soothe their gums. Finger massages to the gums can also be helpful. Firm, crisp, nutritious meals are also beneficial for applying pressure on the gums.

As soon as a child’s teeth erupt, tooth decay might develop. Because of this, parents start cleaning their kids’ teeth as soon as they can see them. However, waiting until a youngster is at ease can be best before starting. The average child has 20 primary (baby) teeth. The adult set of 32 permanent (adult) teeth starts to erupt behind them once the last of these are gone, typically between the ages of 11 and 14. Because their jawbone isn’t yet large enough for them to fit into position correctly, some children may take longer than others to erupt their permanent molars. A broader jaw will provide more space for more significant adult and future wisdom teeth.

Let OC Kids Dental Help Your Teething Child!

If you have concerns about your child’s oral health or need a pediatric dentist, OC Kids Dental would be honored to serve as your family’s dental office. Call us at (949) 362-9860, and we’ll be happy to assist you and your kid in getting through the teething phase. 

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