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How Braces Help Improve Your Child’s Oral Health

Child with Tooth Model Brushing Teeth

Braces can be an excellent choice for your child, especially if they face severe misalignment that impacts their ability to speak, eat, or engage with the world properly. Luckily, your pediatric dentists and family dentists are here to help inform you on why you should consider getting your child braces, what braces are like, and what it means for your child to have braces as a part of their life.

How Do Braces Improve Your Child’s Oral Health?

Investing in your child’s oral health means going beyond your child’s smile and into the future. Braces are an incredibly effective way of managing uncontrollable bites. Braces have become one of the most recommended treatments among pediatric and orthodontic dentists for children due to their numerous benefits. If your child has been diagnosed with orthodontic issues, here are our selective reasons why we recommend getting your child braces:

  • Braces Protect Their Teeth: Crooked teeth are often more susceptible to accidents and injuries. If they protrude a certain way, your child won’t be able to close their lips properly and cover their teeth, which means that accidents can occur in sports or other activities. Straighter teeth are less prone to these problems and can help protect your child from dental injuries.
  • Braces Correct Speech Problems: Depending on the type of protrusion, your child may face issues pronouncing certain words and can even develop a lisp. These speech problems can affect your child in the long run with self-esteem issues. Braces can help prevent the possibility of lisps occurring and help correct their speech problems.
  • Braces Prevent Jawbone Erosion: Any gaps between your child’s teeth will affect your child’s jawbone and gums in time, causing the bones to erode due to bacteria exposure and lead to tooth loss. Giving your child braces can help them avoid this issue and help prevent them from getting TMJ disorder.
  • Braces Help Avoid Gum Disease: Gum disease is often a leading problem for those with misaligned teeth, as the misalignments can create areas of plaque that form easily along the gumline. This leads to chronic, long-term inflammation around the gums and, eventually, pain. Braces can be used to prevent this issue from ever occurring and can protect their teeth from the effects of bright, swollen gums.
  • Braces Save Money in The Long Run: These gaps and areas of misalignment can lead to more costs for your child’s teeth in the future. You’re helping save their teeth from decay and saving money in your pocket by getting them braces.

Be Proactive With Your Child’s Oral Health Today

When it comes to pediatric dental care, you need to take them to regular visits for dental checkups so our team can see if there are any problems with their teeth and jawline. Starting treatment will help ensure that your child has a healthy smile for life, so schedule an appointment with your local pediatric dentist as soon as possible for treatment. Contact your pediatric dentist early to give your child a smile they can be confident to show. 

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