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Children’s Dentistry & Dental Crowns

It’s not uncommon for new parents to believe that the health of their children’s primary, or baby, teeth is of limited importance. They’re only there temporarily; after all, how important can they be? The truth regarding primary teeth is that they play an essential role in the proper formation of our adult teeth and jaw. During our developmental ages, they help to ensure our adult teeth are in proper alignment and that there’s sufficient room for them to erupt. That’s why OK Kids Dental provides comprehensive dental care for our young patients in Aliso Viejo. From preventative care and treatments to restoration of teeth with dental crowns, we’re there every step of the way.

Children’s Dentistry at OK Kids Dental

Receiving ongoing comprehensive dental care during childhood is an essential part of lifelong oral health. From education about proper oral hygiene practices to providing the necessary care to keep teeth healthy, we prepare them for a lifetime of good oral health.

Your Child’s First Visit To OK Kids Dental

Your child’s first trip to our clinic should occur just after their first tooth erupts or by their first birthday, whichever comes first. In most children, multiple teeth will have erupted by their first birthday, starting from about six months of age. The earlier you start making dental visits a regular practice, the better their relationship with dental care will be.

Prior to each visit, visit parents can ensure a positive experience by explaining the trip to the dentist and what to expect. This will help them understand the importance of caring for their teeth and ease any anxiety or fears regarding the dentist. Our team of pediatric dental specialists is trained to help ensure your child’s experience is a good one. They also have additional training in oral health concerns that occur during the developmental ages.

Parents can help protect their children’s oral health by observing the following practices:

  • Limiting pacifier usage following the first erupted tooth
  • Avoiding bottles of sugary beverages, even milk, at bedtime
  • Consistently using fluoridated toothpaste for their child’s oral care
  • Practicing consistent oral hygiene practices between visits

While these practices can help avoid the formation of cavities, tooth decay can still happen. When it does, it’s possible to save your child’s tooth using fillings or pediatric dental crowns. Dental crowns are used to restore dental function and aesthetics when a tooth has been damaged due to physical trauma or decay. Crowns can be used at any age, including during childhood. Pediatric dental crowns in Aliso Viejo are made to reproduce the natural tooth’s size, shape, and durability. They may be fabricated out of metal for durability or tooth-colored composite for an inconspicuously natural appearance.

Learn More By Reaching Out To Our Clinic

Find out more about the full range of childhood dental care we provide at OC Kids Dental in Aliso Viejo. You can call and arrange an assessment with Dr. Cima Mazar-Atabaki’s office today!.

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