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Tips for Every Parent Dealing with Teething Children

Every child goes through various stages of development at different times. Eventually, babies and toddlers will start to develop teeth. As the teeth break through the gum tissue, this can cause a significant amount of pain. This pain will cause children to chew on various objects or foods because the pressure on the teeth will help to relieve the pain. Parents can actually help their toddlers ease the pain of teething. There are some valuable pieces of advice that every parent of a toddler going through the teething process should abide by to make the teeth development process as smooth as possible.

First, make sure to rub the baby’s gums regularly. To prevent the child from getting sick, make sure to wash the hands first. In addition to a finger, a moistened piece of gauze can be used as well. Rub gently along the gums where the teeth are coming in. This provides pressure on the gums which will help to relieve the pain. The act of rubbing the gums provides the same stimulation that babies receive when they chew on an object. This is just safer for the child and the object if the parents provide pressure from time to time.

Next, it is even better if the finger or gauze pad are cool. One of the easiest ways to deliver a cool stimulation is by using a washcloth that has been soaked in cool water. It is important that parents do not use a frozen washcloth or a pad soaked in ice cold water. Extreme cold can actually cause increased pain and possibly damage the gums or a young tooth; however, a cool washcloth will help to relax the nerves that are delivering the painful sensation to the child. The cool temperatures can provide a soothing effect on painful baby gums.

Finally, it can also be helpful to give the babies objects that are acceptable to chew on. The easiest choices include hard foods. If the child has progressed to the point of eating solid foods, giving hard foods can be helpful for encouraging the eating process and relieving some of the pain of teething. Examples of foods that could fill this role include carrots and cucumbers. Just be certain to peel the food first to get rid of any dirty skin that could make the child sick. Cut the pieces small enough for babies to handle and be sure to observe the child for any potential choking hazards.

Once teeth start coming in, it is important that parents take their children to visit the dentist regularly. The American Academy of Pediatrics actually recommends that babies visit the dentist by age one. For parents looking for an Aliso Viejo pediatric dentist, contact Dr. Cima Mazar-Atabaki of OC Kids Dental in Aliso Viejo, CA. Dr. Cima is a board certified pediatric dentist with years of experience taking care of children dealing with teething. Contact OC Kids Dental today to schedule an appointment!