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Tips for Teaching Kids Effective Flossing

Although there are many responsibilities, being a parent is also very rewarding. As parents, we are responsible for educating our kids on how to care for themselves. Oral hygiene is a vital part of a successful hygiene routine. Most parents do a fantastic job of teaching their children how to clean their teeth properly, but flossing is frequently more difficult.

How to Instruct Your Child to Floss Effectively

Around seven or eight, children can begin using dental floss independently, but it’s always early enough to educate them! If you started training your child to floss when they have two teeth next to one another, that would be beneficial. What makes cleaning crucial? Before we begin, we should answer this query. Although flossing is a close second, brushing is the first defense against decay, foul odor, and gum disease. Dental floss can get to parts of the mouth that brushes can’t. Plaque and food are frequently hidden between teeth and along the gingival line. If food fragments are not removed by flossing, cavities or gum disease may develop. Among the various varieties of floss are:

  • Traditional String Floss: Give your kid an 18-inch piece of floss, and have them wrap most of it around one finger, usually the pointer on the left or right hand. The person will then wind the remaining floss around one finger on the opposite hand, taking care not to wrap it too closely. Between each tooth, the finger with the most floss will release the most of it, and the other finger will gather up the released floss.
  • Flossing Picks: Many young children favor dental floss tools (and even many adults). Standard floss still outperforms them in efficacy despite being more straightforward. Tips are still an excellent alternative for kids with trouble using regular floss, but we suggest regular floss for adults. Dental floss picks are available in harp or Y designs. Slide the floss up and down the teeth as you usually would. Replace the pick when the floss starts to look worn. Rinse it between your teeth.

How do you make flossing fun when choosing a variety of floss to use with your child? Do it together! Play upbeat music, make goofy faces at yourself in the mirror, and start flossing. Ideally, your kid will enjoy brushing their teeth as much as they enjoy spending more time with you! A lovely aid for encouraging your child to floss daily is a flossing chart. Every time your child brushes their teeth, add a sticker to the board. Every time they floss for five days, reward them. Let them choose the mouthwash. Before beginning to teach your kid how to floss, take him to the store so he can select the type and flavor of floss, he wants to use. Having their preferred hue or flavor when they floss is a great incentive.

Let OC Kids Dental Help You Teach Your Child to Floss Correctly

Every six months, your child should visit a juvenile dentist for a dental cleaning, examination, brushing, and flossing. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Cima Atabaki at OC Kids Dentistry immediately, call (949) 362-9860!

Everyone wants to ensure that they protect their baby’s health. Unfortunately, in the pursuit of a healthy child, it’s common for parents to forget oral health matters. Protecting your infant’s oral health starts before the arrival of their first tooth and continues for a lifetime. Getting an early start on oral health practices have many benefits, including a healthy relationship with dental care and solid dental hygiene habits. The team here at OC Kids Dental wants to help parents and children get a solid start to life with great oral health. We put together this simple primer about pediatric dental hygiene to achieve this.

A Parents Primer For Pediatric Dental Hygiene

There’s a common misconception amongst new parents that oral hygiene isn’t crucial until your child’s adult teeth arrive. This myth isn’t just incorrect; it’s also dangerous to lasting oral health. Your child’s primary (baby) teeth have an essential role to play in their lifelong oral health. Their presence ensures that the jaw develops appropriately, leaving enough room for adult teeth to grow straight and healthy. Losing even a single tooth before it falls out naturally can have consequences for the future health of your child’s smile.

So how early do parents need to start taking action to protect their children’s oral health? Many are surprised to learn that this journey begins in the womb. Studies have revealed that the mother’s oral health can impact the oral health of her developing child. Mothers with poor dental health or unhealthy diets can expose their growing infant to harmful bacteria. This means protecting your baby’s oral health starts with caring for your own.

There are five steps that parents should follow to protect their infant’s oral health:

  • Pregnant women need to arrange for an exam and cleaning as part of their second-trimester care. This helps to reduce the risk of transmitting bacteria and infection to their child.
  • Cosmetic treatments should be avoided until after the child is born.
  • Parents should wash their child’s gums in the morning, evening, and after every feeding with damp gauze throughout their first year or until they begin to teethe.
  • Your child’s first dental appointment should take place by their first birthday. However, if a tooth should erupt before this, then their first appointment should be scheduled soon after.

Your child’s first visit will include a comprehensive evaluation of their developing oral health. This visit will also include educational opportunities for the parents. You’ll also be taught how to start flossing your child’s teeth moving forward. It’s a good habit to start right away, as it will help your child become accustomed to the process.

Learn More About Pediatric Dental Hygiene With Our Team

If you’re pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant, or have recently given birth, it’s time to schedule your first pediatric health visit with Dr. Cima Atabaki in Aliso Viejo, CA. They’ll help you prepare for the exciting road ahead by teaching you how to ensure your child develops excellent oral health. You can schedule your first pediatric dental exam by calling (949) 362-9860 and finding a convenient day and time with the help of our staff.