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For many children, dental procedures can be scary occurrences. Despite explaining procedures and providing assurance, children can still be uncooperative during procedures. This may make it harder for the dentist to do the procedure quickly and efficiently, and can also increase the child’s anxiety levels. One solution to this problem is using dental sedation to […]

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All of us have seen a child cry in fear when they lose their first tooth. And if we have not, then we must remember our own time when we were afraid we would look like our grandparents without teeth. What a relief it was when we were assured it is an absolutely natural process. […]

child smiling
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When a child gets orthodontic care will depend a lot of what the condition of their teeth is. Children should start regularly seeing a dentist as soon as they get their first tooth. They should then see the dentist twice a year every year after that. With that in mind, regular visits will ensure your […]

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There’s been an ongoing conversation in the scientific and health community regarding the nature of sugar, with many claiming that a substance that is found in almost everything is nearly as addictive as cocaine. Whether or not this is true has been in hot debate, but what is known is that sugar is a major […]

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So we have a terrible secret for you, something that you should probably have divined on your own but have likely never given a passing thought. This secret? The number of germs that live on your toothbrush regardless of how careful you are about maintaining it. The number? There are more bacteria on your toothbrush […]

amalgam filling
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Amalgam fillings are the most recognizable fillings out. They’re commonly referred to as silver fillings, although they’re a combination of mercury, tin, silver, and copper. About 50 percent of the mixture is mercury because it helps to create a strong, durable filling that binds well with the other metals. Mercury has proven to be the […]

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Picking the right toothbrush can be a difficult choice, and many dental patients simply rely on the sample they’re provided by their dentist after their 6-month check up, or just pick up a cheap option from the local grocery store. Most patients don’t know that not all toothbrushes are the same and that picking the […]

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Mouthguards play an incredibly important part in protecting your child’s teeth, lips, and gums from damage. They’re a must if your child plays sports. Whether basketball, football, soccer, and even swimming, mouthguards can drastically reduce the probability of injuries occurring. Without a mouthguard, common injuries include fractured teeth, missing teeth, and broken teeth. This not […]

Child in bed suffering from sleep apnea
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Sleep apnea is a disorder that is most commonly associated with adults, particularly those who are overweight or have nasal obstructions that make breathing difficult. But obstructive sleep apnea is an issue that can plague children as well. And while it’s awful for adults, children lose out quite a bit due to the fact that […]

Baby sucking his thumb
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Thumb sucking and pacifiers provide natural relaxation and soothing to babies. Children actual begin sucking their thumbs in their wombs. These techniques make them feel content and secure while they learn about the big world around them. Although totally natural and normal, thumb sucking and pacifier use can become problematic when it becomes a habit. […]